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If there’s one thing about moving that most people tend to dread, it’s the idea of packing. From safeguarding fragile items to making sure everything is properly labeled, packing takes a lot of time, energy, and commitment. If you’d prefer not to struggle through the process yourself, turn to B&R Movers for help. As an established moving company in Los Angeles, we offer packing services designed to save you time, stress, and aggravation. Whether you’re packing up a small apartment in Los Angeles or a large house in northern California, our team is on hand to offer assistance. We have the equipment and skills to get your belongings packed securely and efficiently, and we employ a detailed tracking system that makes keeping tabs on your items as simple as can be. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.


At B&R Movers, we understand that moving can be tricky. That’s why we take a thorough, careful approach to all that we do. Our goal is to make your move easy and worry-free, and we pledge to treat your belongings with respect every step of the way. Before you decide to haul your own items or hire a ‘rogue moving company’, consider the benefits of hiring a team of professionals to do the heavy lifting for you. In fact, what you pay for moving services, you could very well save in undamaged furniture; and there’s something to be said about getting through your move without injuring yourself in the process. Call us today to schedule an estimate, and let us make your move a great experience.


If you’re running out of space to store excess items at your home or business, then turn to B&R Movers for safe and reliable storage service. We proudly photograph, bar code and crate your valuables in a state of the art, climate-controlled facility. Efficient and dependable, our crew drives clean trucks outfitted with the proper equipment to transport your items quickly and safely to our facility. Let locally owned and operated B&R Movers provide the perfect storage solution to protect your belongings. For a tour of our facility please call us to schedule an appointment.

Art Prep

When it comes to art and antique handling, one mistake can literally eradicate a history and history is something we take very seriously at B&R Movers. For more than a decade, some of the biggest galleries, private collectors, artists, estates and movie studios have entrusted B&R Movers with handling and storage of delicate and priceless works. With our state-of- the-art, climate controlled facility, you can feel confident that your prized possessions are safe in the most optimal environment possible. We look forward to becoming the custodian of your history.

TV & Film

B&R Movers has vast experience with TV and Film location moves, with over 100 productions under our belt. We prep and transport the entire contents of houses in preparation for location shooting and precisely restore those contents during the strike. 

Additional Services


You may not be able to move mountains, but you could hire an experienced, professional moving company who can. Here at B&R Movers we execute and deliver on tasks that may have appeared insurmountable to you, providing you the ability to step comfortably into your new home and new life. Allow us to help you plan an organized & stress-free move. Please give us a call to receive a free, no obligation quote and see if we can make your next move a great experience.

Crane Services

B&R Movers frequently oversees the scheduling and handling of oversized items which require crane services. We have partnered with a handful of qualified crane operators in Southern California and can provide a quote for these services.

Estate Managers

The intense stress and pressure on Estate Managers from demanding employers can be overwhelming, which is why many celebrity estate managers turn to B&R Movers for assistance. We have continually demonstrated reliability, discretion and efficiency when handling delicate matters for these type of discriminating clients. The last thing an Estate Manager wants is to compound a problem by hiring an inexperienced crew. For added discretion, B&R Movers can arrive at your location with unmarked trucks. Please contact Anthony Fiorin for more information and a full list of references.

TV & Film Locations Department

If there’s ever an industry where time and accuracy are crucial, it is the motion picture industry. Tight production schedules demand that everyone involved works quickly – with both precision and a positive attitude. B&R Movers has vast experience with studio and location moves. We transport set pieces, move full houses in preparation for location-shooting (often storing them for later replacement), and can even PRECISELY duplicate the contents of one location at another. Whether it’s moving one hundred iron chaise lounges from a hotel for a period shoot or temporarily relocating your clients while you film in their home, we apply our experience, professionalism, and precision to every job we do.

Interior Designers

B&R Movers has worked with some of the most talented Interior Designers in the nation, many of whom have been featured in the annual AD100. If you require one-time installation services, frequent memo deliveries or long-term, assigned , exclusive crews for your project, please contact B&R Movers so we may send you an informational packet along with our credentials and comprehensive Insurance coverages.

International Shipping

If you need artwork, antiques or fine-furniture shipped internationally; we provide full wood crating services for your valuable items. All our packaging comply with ISPM 15 regulations, so your pieces travel safely through participating IPPC countries.

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We take great pride in providing a level of service that our competitors are unable to reach. You and your belongings are our priority. When you’re ready to begin your move, schedule a date and time with us so we will be ready to serve you!

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